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Hi. I’m Linnie. I voted Remain. In the wake of the 2016 Brexit referendum, I headed to the continent to find out: what’s so wrong with the EU anyway? 

Join me on a mission to visit all 28 countries of the European Union before the Brexit deadline. Along the way, I get caught in a brawl in a crack bar in Berlin, attacked by flying ants on a shot-up Romanian train, manhandled by vikings in Finland and – of course – get patronised by the French. 

It’s a race against time and a journey of discovery as I explore Europe in all its beautiful, messy complexity. But what do I learn along the way?

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About me

I cut my teeth reporting for the BBC and then joined CNN. For eight years I led regional features coverage on International, covering innovation, culture and technology around the globe. I now write, travel and consult on digital storytelling.

A staunch Remainer, I’ve carried a banner on almost every major anti-Brexit march – the same banner that I’ve carried to every EU country – protested outside Parliament and sung in a pro-Europe flashmob at a European Commission event.

I live in London with my husband and two cats. I would still like to remain in the EU.